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Our Slogan is

"I am the way and the truth and the life.”
John 14:6
Because we target those who converted from the Darkness to the Light and from Deception to the Truth, we always Aim to achieve God’s glory within His people so that we may inherit the Kingdom which has been prepared for us since the creation of the world. Because we’re a Trumpet playing “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” to all our viewers worldwide. Therefore, we provide you with prayers, sermons, and Hymns everyday and minute on our channel to be prepared for the second coming. So, when He comes we would rejoice together with Him in the heavenly Jerusalem.
Our Mission
- Is to glow Jesus’ light and His presence is each Arabic home in the U.S. and Canada.
- Is to look after the emotional and spiritual health for each member of your household.
- Is to spotlight on all current events.
- Is to broadcast live shows from the location the events took place.
- Is to financially help those who converted from Islam to Christianity and to care for their
spiritual growth and discipline.
- Is to air programs that haven’t been aired on any other channel before.
- Is to find a way for each talent found and every recorded church program to be broadcasted in
an artificial way that suits our view and does not conflict with our mission.
- Is to provide you with Live Talk Shows and recorded church conferences and a full coverage of a lot of surrounded services.
We Needs Your Prayers and Support
Some of our Programs
- Pope Shenouda’s sermons.
- Archpriest Isaiah Mikhail’s program “Home without Fights”.
- Michal Coral’s program “Prophetic Word”.
- Naglaa El Emam’s program “A shout from a Converter”.
- Father. Aghostinos Hanna’s program “The Path of Truth and the Life”.
- Fisher of Men Festival” hosted by a variety of God’s servants.
- Nabile Besada’s program “I was a Prisoner”.
- “The Chain have been Destroyed” program hosted by Muslim converters from every nationality, language, color or homeland.
- The converter, Noney Darwish’s human rights program “The Christian Street”.
- “Steps on the Road” program hosted by a variety of God’s servants.
- Exciting programs for Kids such as “Dokdok Harakat”
- “Dream of Freedom” program hosted by a variety of Muslim converters.
- News programs such as “From Here and There” and many other programs regarding the human rights and the diverse spiritual on a level of realism and equilibrium in a manner commensurate with the Church of Christ and its credibility.

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